~* THE FUGLY MAKEUP POLICE *~ Makeup No-No’s to avoid !!

Ever looked at a waitress, hostess, or a random girl at the bar and say to yourself “what was she thinking wearing that makeup”? I sometimes give them excuses like “she must have been in a hurry” or “maybe she was bored” or “she thinks she looks hot that way” or “the lights went out at her house when she was doing her makeup”. Regardless, ladies please take some easy notes to help you stay AWAY from these horrific makeup No-No’s  I Surrender!


1) ” GOGGLE EYES “ The gorgeous Eva Langoria always looks flawless from head to toe, but this makeup has one big NO NO. Can you guess what it is? HER CONCEALER! Because the eye makeup is very dramatic you have to blend blend blend your concealer well to avoid the raccoon eye look. You want to enhance your eyes and have everyone looking @ your gorgeous eyes but they will look directly under your shiny bright under eye area. Concealer must be 2 shades lighter than your skin but sometimes YOU SHOULD GO just ONE SHADE LIGHTER. You want a flawless base look !!!









2) ” I SEE DEAD PEOPLE “ !!!! We all want our jawline and cheekbone to be defined. All the supermodels have it and we can achieve that by Contouring your temples, jawline, neckline, and under the cheek bone.

WHAT R THE 2 BIG NO-NOs HERE? No Name Calling please, let’s focus just on her makeup today  :D  NO-NO #1 The amount of contouring on Ms. Lohan’s cheeks are scary awful.

1_-Lindsey-LohanFrom the top of your ear gently brush lightly with a matte bronzer down to the middle of your cheeks. Reapply lightly to get the perfect shade.

NO-NO #2 The bronzer color on her is an awful color on her skin. Her skin color is very white in this picture (almost porcelain) and she needed a few shades darker than her natural skin color.

Please avoid the 5 O’clock Shadow look Big Smile



lilkimWhat do YOU think is wrong with this picture? You’re right there are MANY WRONG DOINGS.

1) Let’s start with the cheeks: The color doesn’t look pretty and natural on Lil Kim’s face. It looks like a really really bad sunburn or redness or recovering from a bad rash. Blush should be gently placed on the cheek bone and taken all the way up diagonally. It shouldn’t fill your entire sides of your face!

2) That lipstick color What?! Lord why? Too tacky, too bright, doesn’t compliment the whole makeup look (even though nothing is complimenting the whole makeup look). Yikes! Nude would be a beautiful color to offset the smoky eyes, or a beautiful light brown. I CAN’T STOP STARING AT THOSE RED CHEEKS.

3) What more can go wrong: Zoom in the picture, and look at her eyes, HER FAKE LASHES ARE NOT PLACED PROPERLY, a big makeup no-no. I’ll be putting a post later on how to apply makeup correctly and one will be how to put on false lashes the proper way.


Joan+Van+Ark+17th+Carousel+Hope+Gala+mN24lrhw7Ohx 4) CannyUMMMMM…soooooooooo…..how do I say this lightly? I’m not sure where to start with Joan Van Ark…..I can’t stress enough about choosing the right color foundation! Notice how white her face is compared to her neck, chest and shoulders. Maybe her makeup artist ran out of foundation, hence the two different color skins? NO OK I’M LYING somewhere someone thought it was ok to just cover up the face and not worry about the neck. I used to watch her on Knots Landing or was it Falcon Crest? Don’t remember,but I loved watching her but seeing this ghostly look scares me.


TYRA+BANKS+   5)  So TiredSIGH, I’M NOT GOING TO EVEN GET INTO THE MANY NO-NO’S OF THIS LOOK. You should figure it out right away, and if you didn’t you will understand why you’re getting raised eyebrows at the bar.


celebrities_with_bad_makeup_116) ” WHO TURNED ON THE LIGHTS? ” Christina is one mean singing machine, but this makeup look is just MEAN! Where are your eyebrows woman? YOU MUST MUST MUST put some eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil on those puppies, otherwise they are washed off with that hair color. There is too much highlighting going on, I need my sunglasses!! Easy on the highlighting and concealer, highlighting is supposed to enhance your facial features not turn you into a light bulb. This blush color is too Barbie doll for her. The amount of blush is ridiculous like she came out of a boxing match. The lipstick is aiiiiiiiight it just doesn’t go well with the Cleopatra eyeliner look and the over the top highlighting and blush.


nicole_kidman_makeup_powder_disaster_188him8-188hj2v 7) Till today I don’t believe or understand how this happened! It’s Nicole Kidman for God’s sakes! She can have any top makeup artist she can dream of, the best of the best, but then I see this picture on TV and I just don’t get it !!! Too much powder, not blended properly under the eyes and on the tip of the nose and above the lips. Did she sneak in a powdery donut before her press interview? Ladies, please use a translucent powder to set your makeup (specifically concealer and foundation) and gently pad it to your face avoiding excess powder on your brush. Mmmmmm this maybe far-fetched but you know maybe take a quick looksy in your mirror before you leave your house can avoid some makeup disasters ? Just a thought.  Big Boss



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