Did you know? Simple beauty tips that every girl should know about!!


DID YOU KNOW?!?!?!  

I compiled a few simple tips that I found important for any girl to know when it comes to her beauty regime.


You FINALLY found the best mascara that was invented and you carry it around everywhere! You rave about how amazing this little magical wand in a small tube can do for your lashes and even ones you didn’t even know exist!!! 3 months passes and you still use it. NO!! You have to throw it out, yes even when it’s not finished yet.makeup1jpg_zps8ac10322

Mascara is good for 3 months, after that toss away. If you use it after 3 months the liquid already began to dry up and using your magic little mascara wand will cake your lashes, dry them up and will break them! It’s time to buy new mascara girlfriend.



To best matchfoundation your foundation color, test a sample on your NECK, not on your face or hand like I see HUNDREDS of girls do at beauty and cosmetics stores! You will never get the perfect match unless you try the foundation on your neck. Clearly this excited one didn’t.






Got Milk? Use a cotton ball, soak it in cold milk and rub on any area that’s irritated on your face. It will soothe your skin and reduce any redness. Hey if Cleopatra did back then, it must be an amazing beauty tip.



Feeling a zit growing on your face? MAMA NO!! Grab your toothpaste and dab right on the spot. It will feel tingly maybe sting a tiny bit but you’ll be surprised how fast that zit will shrink with this little cost-efficient tip.
















STEP AWAY from your tweezers, sssslowllllly put the tweezers down where I can see them!!!! It’s nice to keep your eyebrows clean and shaped nicely but over plucking them can stop the hair from growing. Go easy with those tweezers, you jessica-rabbit pamela-anderson-bad-makeupdon’t want to have eyebrows like Pam Anderson or Jessica from “Roger Rabbit” .






Falling asleep with your makeup on can lead to bacterial infections, clogged pores which can cause acne (say hello to my litol zit friend) and residue that can stay on your pillow and cause you to get sick & to spread more germs. sleeping_makeup_onYou know that feeling when you’re in the best deep sleep then you wake up and you have to go to the bathroom but it’s SO….. FAR….. AWAY….. from your bed and it’s so nice and cozy in there you just wish the urge to go to the bathroom DISSAPEARS. Well it doesn’t and you end up wobbling half-asleep to go to the bathroom, choose to ignore the urge will wreck your sheets Ugh!. Why wreck your gorgeous face as well? Before going to bed make sure to WASH YOUR FACE from all that makeup. Cleanse well then Moisturize. OH and don’t forget to go to the bathroom before jumping in bed Baffle


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