It’s in your Fridge!!

Many Makeup blogs will start off by mentioning what their fav products are, what colors are in;  Best techniques etc…but what I found out is the core of beauty comes from your health. If you’re eating well, your skin will thank you. You are what you eat like they say, so I wanted to start off from the beginning, what your face needs to become or continue to be beautiful……just open your fridge ;)  And you may do that with gorgeous flowing hair (have a fan positioned infront of you) with little boyshorts and full makeup, just like our Vanessa Hudgsen below….because…..YOU……Can…..!!!



Do you want to spend hundreds of dollars on skincare products to help you get amazing skin? We all want to have that picture perfect, silky smooth, zit-free, oil-free, blemish-free, flawless skin like the celebrities. But why pay more when you can turn around open your fridge and start munching on that good stuff that can do all that? My husband, being the best skincare beauty expert (that’s a joke) told me why wouldn’t I just change my blog title here to be


“It’s in your pantry”? After entertaining his idea, he completely destroyed my train of thought by saying “you know there’s lots of good stuff there” yeah Like what I asked? He pauses for a good minute then says “ummm chips, chocolate bars, OHH THERE’S NUTS, we have NUTS!!!!”


Yes my dear we have nuts (Hoooray to that!) But NO! I’m sticking to the fridge…The thought of greasy, saturated fats, empty-calorie, flavor-additives, MEGA salt intake in those iddy-biddy yummy crispy crunchy bite size chips (my stomach is barking now) bags are tempting BUT your fridge can carry healthier products for the skin.

He says “yah for sure” then he goes downstairs and munches on a couple of chips!! I asked him to bring me a couple back 🙁 …. I rest my case…

So back to what I was saying: You can find a lot of good stuff for the skin right in your fridge, kitchen and yes pantry! These are just a few of my favorites; there are by far many more fruits and veggies for beautiful skin. Let’s open your fridge and see what’s in there:grapefruit

-          Grapefruit: Excellent source of Vitamin C and Lycopene which protects your skin from the sun, and fights those pesky wrinkles that seem to creep up on our face. Cut a quarter piece for breakfast towards your road of soft smooth skin. Some may not like its bittery taste but you wanna spend $55 on a name brand  lipbalm size of a tube or have a quarter piece of grapefruit for breakfast? Mmmhmmm thought so! When I was young I was a very very picky annoying eater (I now have a daughter that is just like me) and my mom would tell me “eat it, think of it as medicine, you gotta take it” when I whined about eating cheese or broccoli. If you hate grapefruit, TOO BAD think of it as a healthy medicine to the road of beautiful skin!!


-           Red Bell Peppers: Excellent source of Vitamin C; they have more Vitamin C than a regular orange! What isn’t to love about this vegetable? Crispy , tasty you can throw it in salads or in any stirfry.  Now if you wanna be daring, go buy some HOT peppers (jalapeno, habanero) the spicier the better for your skin believe it or not. They contain capsaicin which improves circulation, and gets rid of toxins from the skin, making your skin beautiful. So what’s a few trips to the bathroom gonna hurt huh? Think of it as a CLEANSE 🙂



-          Carrots: You wanna avoid clogged pores on the face, munch on some of these a day. They contain Vitamin A which prevents the overproduction of skin cells, leading to clogged pores. Hey if bugs bunny chewed on those, they must be good! I usually like to grab a big bowl and sit very close to my husband’s ear as he watches his BoardWalk Empire Show. The amount of unnecessary nudity in that….ok moving on …


-          Blueberries: Have oily skin like me? Zits thrive on that so avoid breakouts by eating these yummy blueberries. Powerful antioxidants fill these little wonders of Vitamin A and C. They have fibers in them to get rid of toxins. Less / Zero Toxins = Clear skin


          Spinach: Filled with antioxidants Vitamin A and E!! You go to any beauty/drugstore and read the ingredientsspinach1 of many creams, lotions etc you’ll find Vitamin E in them. Vitamin A reduces damage to the skin from the sun (when we get it here 1.5 months a year in beautiful Calgary) – Ok fine 2.3 months out of 12!! Urgh..          Vitamin E is perfect for elasticity of the skin, smoothness and hydrating to the skin reducing the signs of aging. Even though it’s not the best choice for dinner menus but throw it in a smoothie or with some almonds on a salad and your skin is looking younger by the day. Have you seen Popeye’s skin? and those pipes!

Yams, etc

-          Sweet Potatoes: Delicious sweet potato recipes out there can help you fight wrinkles and aging of the skin with its Vitamin C and E nutritional benefits.


-          Watercress: This leafy vegetable does wonders!!! I’m not sure if many are familiar with its magicawatercressl ingredients for the skin, but it contains Vitamin A and C, calcium, folic acid and iron. It’s been researched that it contains cancer suppressing ingredients to fight against lung cancer and it reduces growth of breast cancer. It’s been used for treatments of eczema, rashes and acne. Sounds good to me!!


-          Avocados (or as my 17 month old boy says “kakabo”) – amazing fatty acids great for your skin and body can be found here. If I hear one more person tell me that it’s got too much fat I’m gonna go ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weisscrazy. It’s a naturally fatty fruit, actually helps reduce cholesterol. It helps skin become softer, calmer, and reduces itchiness and dryness of the skin.  So it helps lower bad cholesterol without affecting the good cholesterol. Great baby food as well, toddlers love a soft, easy chewable food.


-          Salmon:  Your skin craves Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to get that well moisture face every woman wants. Salmon will bring firmness to the skin, a glowing skin, and richness to the skin’s tone. So apparently Omega-3 helps lessen the symptoms of PMS. HA! Whatdayaknow! For all the fellas that are about to run off to the grocery store to buy the entire salmon section for your lovely wife, fiancé, or girlfriend, park it !!! Read this first: the fatty oils in salmon is supposed to ease and lighten PMS symptoms like cramps, Salmon-91inflammation and pain, and yes the oh so SLIGHT crankiness of us women during that lovely time of month. But fellas don’t just sit there watching her eat a big chunk of salmon and expect her to smile, laugh, sing, dance and crack jokes during this time because DARN IT WE JUST WON’T but it will lessen mood swings, perhaps ease our cramps so we’re not as tired and in pain, and maybe if you’re lucky get to watch family guy quietly while she sits next to you with her book…QUIETLY watch that tv !!!


-          I think I’ll end this for now, there are many many beneficial fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts that help beautify your skin and face which I will get into another time. For now, eat well look beautiful 😉



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